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Big Mash in a Little Tun

on Wed, 02/15/2012 - 11:27pm

Mash in, 8:00 AM. I can hear it in my head. The voice mimics Chris Farley, Tommy Boy style. “Big mash in a little Tun, Big mash in a little Tun.” You all know, and you will be giggling presently. As this chorus reverberates through my brain, I witness our tiny, valiant 20 barrel Mash Tun on the verge of splitting her seems as massive amounts of malt co-mingle with hot water. Danger is present. Success is imminent. What are we to do? Are we to believe the manufacturers capacity specifications of this vessel, heed their warning, and be conservative? Or shall we to push the limits of physics, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics? I’ll stick with the latter while relying on our passion, capability, and ingenuity. Are these fleeting thoughts of nerdy engineer juxtaposed with romantic brewer? Indeed they are.......... Bring on a new Hardywood Reserve Series. Oh, by the way, where did all those bourbon barrels come from?