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Hardywood SB 604 - Special Bitter

Beer style: 
American-style Special Bitter

Brewed to commemorate the signing of Virginia Senate Bill 604 into law following the 2012 legislative session, SB 604 beers will be offered by the brewers (including Devil's Backbone, Starr Hill, and Hardywood Park) who lobbied to make the bill a reality. Effective July 1, 2012, Senate Bill 604 gives commercial breweries in Virginia the right to sell glasses of beer on-site. For more information on Senate Bill 604 and what it means for Virginia breweries, click here. In the case of the beers released with this name, the "SB" stands for "session beer" referring to ales or lagers of a milder alcohol content (typically lower than 4.0% ABV). The brewers who spent weeks lobbying on behalf of SB 604 with senators and delegates at Virginia's General Assembly plan to release different variations of SB 604 beers that will be session beers only available for consumption on site at their respective breweries. The "Special Bitter" version of this beer offered by Hardywood is very sessionable, at 3.8% ABV. A moderate caramel malt character and some fruity notes provide plenty of complexity and flavor to this beer, which beautifully complements citrusy, high alpha American aroma hops. Dry-hopped with slightly peppery horizon hops, this beer displays the high degree of balance that has become a signature of Hardywood's beers. A relatively dry finish keeps this beer both refreshing and enticing.

Best with: 

Hardywood SB 604 - Special Bitter is a perfect match for just about anything off the backyard grill, but particularly burgers or steak, which has some carmelized notes to harmonize with the beer's malt character. Relatively hoppy, this beer stands up to spicy heat found in many Asian or Mexican dishes.

Strength (ABV): 
3.8 % ABV
Color (SRM): 
10 °L
Bitterness (IBU): 
32 IBUs
Brewery-only release
Next release date: 
Fri, 07/04/2014
First release date: 
July 2012
Hardywood Session Beer 604 (SB604) in the Making

Following the passing of VA Senate Bill 604, allowing Virginia production breweries to serve full glasses of beer (much like VA wineries), Hardywood Park Craft Brewery created a very "sessionable" 3.8% ABV American-style special bitter to be offered exclusively on tap at the brewery. The beer was first served at Hardywood's 2012 Independence Day celebration and will become a regular offering at the brewery.