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Richmond Bluegrass Festival

on Tue, 06/24/2014 - 12:06pm
Sat, 08/23/2014

Presenting our second annual Richmond Bluegrass Festival: an all day celebration of music with mobile gourmet food vendors (including King Of Pops - RichmondCarytown Burgers & FriesEstes Bar.B.'Que,BonbontruckThe Dog WagonThe Official Gelati Celesti Ice Cream MakersOlio Cart VCU, Paris Creperie rva, Goatocado) unique beers will be on draft and merchandise (Richmond Bluegrass Festival tees and editioned silk screened posters with the art of Katie McBride), for all ages, free to the public. Beginning at 2pm, Sturgeon City, River City Band, Green Boys, Long Branch Ramblers and closing with the Hot Seats at 7:30pm.

The Hot Seats

The Hot Seats play stringband music with simple intentions: to keep the role of traditional musician as entertainer and commentator alive and kicking. Homer and Jethro, The Skillet Likkers, George Formby, Harry Reser, Woodie Guthrie, Gus Cannon, Phil Ochs, Tommy Jarrel, Arthur Smith, Uncle Dave Macon, Frank Zappa - these are pools from which The Hot Seats draw. Their original music is simultaneously hard to classify and instantly identifiable, combining the virtuostic soloing and tightness of bluegrass, the band-driven rhythm of old time, the jerky bounce of ragtime, and the swagger of good old rock and roll. Add some eastern melodies, a few modernest ideals, and an uncanny feel for comic timing, and you begin to approach this sound. 

Long Branch Ramblers

Old-Time and early Country Music from some of the funnest and finest musicians out there, with Ben Townsend (The Fox Hunt, Iron Leg Boys, Old Sledge) on banjo, fiddle, guitar, vocals, and Sabra on guitar, feet and vocals.

Video here!

The Green Boys

The Green Boys are a four-piece band based out of Richmond, Virginia. Equally mislabeled as bluegrass, folk, or honky-tonk, the boys sometimes mention the idea of being a part of a “country-revival”. It’s a half-serious notion that nonetheless approaches the crux of the band’s complex sound.

River City Band 

Based in a rich traditional bluegrass sound and set up, River City Band is a group that stays true to their down home roots while continuously exploring many different genres and tastes. With crisp, soulful harmonies, strong lead instruments, and a rhythm that can burn down the barn or hold your hand steadily through a beautiful waltz, the group can create the right mood and texture for any setting.

Sturgeon City

Sturgeon City attempts to pay homage to the classic voices of bluegrass, folk, jazz and blues traditions, whilst leaving their own indelible mark on each tune that they play. Each member of the band has a unique voice that is expressed in Sturgeon City's original music, and their interpretations of classic tunes. The sum of their contributions is much greater than their value individually. Synergy baby. String-band music.

Artwork credit: Katie McBride

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